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Thread: Direct examination of a pro se plaintiff

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    I am not trying to be facetious here or being cute. I just want to know how some of you here who have been or are currently a pro se plaintiff conduct yourself during the direct examination of yourself.

    There's the witness stand and there's the desk where the plaintiff's lawyer normally stands beside. As a pro se plaintiff who is direct examining yourself, do you first go to the witness stand and swear by the Bible to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and then go to your desk and ask a question of yourself and then walk to the witness stand and answer the question?

    Or do you remain in the witness stand and do both, ask a question, then answer it, go to the next question and answer that question and on and on?

    Or do you remain in the witness stand and just tell a narrative, go to the next topic in your Complaint, and the next topic, but no question and answer format?

    Thank you for your anticipated comments.

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    I have not done this yet but I believe your third choice is correct. Just sit there and talk to yourself---this is called consulting with a source you trust!!!

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    Hi tiredofcorruption! Hahaha! Yes, I trust only myself! Good one!

    Ain't it so that a plaintiff can hire a lawyer either on a contingency basis or say $400 per hour and have these lingering doubts about the lawyer's unwavering loyalty, trustworthiness and having your best interests in mind? You pretty well have to supervise your lawyer and make sure you're getting the best representation, otherwise he/she will sell you down the river during the trial. He/she often won't tell the court the most important things about your Complaint nor does he/she care. It's such a teeth grinding feeling when you look at him/her and you sense that he/she is just going through the motion of representing you and looking at the clock while billing you for each quarter of an hour. He/she would rather get back to his/her corporate cases where the billings can be up to $900 per hour. Your peewee case is just not going to fully pay for his/her trip to Hawaii this year.

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    There's a fourth scenario I suppose where the pro se plaintiff simply stays behind his table (where all his notes and documents are) and speak to the judge and the court rather than remain on the witness stand. It will be a challenge for the plaintiff to assume the two alternating roles, i.e. lawyer and plaintiff. Permit me to explain...

    To ask each question, I would need to refer to my list of questions and to produce each document, I need to be able to pull that document, hand it to the clerk and give it a number. I would ask myself a question and in order to answer that question, I will have to look AWAY from my notes and answer the question by heart. Is that correct?

    Also, to be heard from such a farther distance from the judge than the witness stand which is next to the judge, I must speak up at all times thus I might strain my voice. I will need a microphone which I will tap on it each time the judge is about to fall fully asleep!!


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